With technology advancing rapidly in this age, there is no wonder that most of the things we used to see in films or imagine are starting to become a reality. Drones being no different from this. They have been flying onto the scene and have become one of the best-selling products on the market today. Of course, there are a huge range of drones on offer which can make it difficult to know exactly what you are receiving and what is a good budget to have when purchasing. Drones are ideal for both kids and adults and come with a camera attachment which will allow you to see where the drone is flying and also lets you record.

This recording feature has become a big thing in the video industry and many industry professionals have adopted to use drones alongside their camera equipment to achieve some truly stunning shots. Best Drones with cameras are some of the most common currently available for purchase, with their ability to shoot stabilized footage and capture truly amazing stills. Many people have different reasons for wanting a drone however many purchase them to allow them to view the world in a completely different perspective.

Of course one of the biggest limitations when it comes to purchasing a drone is the battery life, it is a question which is asked by many people and is one of the things which many people look for when using them commercially. As the propellers themselves use a huge amount of power there are two options the manufacturer has, the first being a large and bulky power pack fitted or decrease the amount of time able to fly. The time between charges will vary depending on the model you purchase however we feel that it would be a better idea to have a backup battery if you are going to use the drone for a long period of time.

There are many drones which can be used for racing and have a high top speed. Of course, you would need a huge budget in order to be able to consider one of these racing drones as they can easily spiral into the thousands. However, many of the standard drones can vary in speed and can have different top speeds depending on their equipment and weight. When it comes to the actually flying of your drone you may want to consider the range which the drone can fly without losing contact with the controller, as you don’t want to be flying your drone too far away and in an awkward spot as it will be difficult to retrieve it.

If you ever find yourself flying your drone too far away from you or you just need it to come back to you, then many drones are fitted with a ‘Return Home’ feature which tells the drone to fly back to you using GPS. Another useful feature is ‘Follow Me’, this allows you to select a target using the on-board camera to select a target to follow, meaning you can use it to track you as you paddle board or whilst you drive your car down the road. Below are some of what we believe to be the top rated drones on the market.

Buying Guide

Prices of Drones

Purchasing your first drone and being a beginner it can be hard to know exactly the budget needed. Whilst many kids drones can begin at around $10 which is ideal in case of any accidents which may occur during flight. However, these $10 drones do not come with a camera, so if you are looking for a camera drone then you will looking at around $50-60. If you are able to increase your budget to be around the $100 mark then you will be able to receive a live feed from the drone through a smartphone app or perhaps through the color screen which may be on the remote control.

When it comes to higher prices, you really do get more for your money. With increased flight times available and also allow for automatic hovering, without this and using lower end drones may require a lot more work to keep them in the air. The higher end drones which are available on the market also offer high quality live video to either the remote control or through a smartphone app. There are many great features which come as standard with high end models.

These being things such as HD camera, lightweight materials used, a fully rotatable gimbal which can be controlled separately from the drone. Flight times are increased hugely due to the research which has been done extensively for these high end drones, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing a huge amount of backup batteries.

Type Of Drone


When it comes to entry level drones which are anywhere up to $200, they are lightweight and small which makes them the ideal starting drone for anyone. It is possible to use these drones inside and outside, although it may be difficult to control these outdoors if there are strong winds. However, these drones make the ideal start for anyone who is looking to take drone flying up as a regular hobby.


These drones can range anywhere from $250 to well over $1000, these drones are often bigger and better designed for more stable outdoor flight. These drones are often equipped with a 720P camera which is usually on board or external, for the really top end of this budget the camera may be mounted onto a gimbal to provide more stable video. You can use these drones regularly and are perfect for those who have already got experience in both flying and recording with their drone. These drones can be taken around the park or to take a bird’s-eye view of your house.


From $1000 upwards you can expect to have more rotors which will help with the overall stability and control given to your drone. The cameras equipped to these drones supply 1080p right up to 4K resolution, if there is no camera as standard then there will be a supplied place to equip your own action camera, which means you can get a great resolution image and video.


Most drone batteries are able to sustain between 5-25 minutes of flight time from a single charge, however they can take almost an hour to fully charge back up. Many newer model drones allow for the battery to be removed and changed around, this can increase your flight time massively, as you can have multiple backup batteries to keep your drone in the air longer. Although this may not be possible on a strict budget, as these batteries can be expensive to purchase, not to mention that once they are all flat you will need to recharge them all at once meaning your drone will be out of action for a considerable amount of time.

The cheaper drones offered have a battery which cannot be removed, this means that you will have to wait for the battery to fully charge before you are able to use it. However, higher-end drones purchased will be able to have batteries swapped in and out, which allows for a longer flying time and it also means that you can use your drone for more commercial use such as aerial photography.

Overall having a longer battery life is important if you are looking to use the drone for commercial and professional drone use, not only this but if you are looking to race drones then having backup batteries would definitely be the correct option for you. For the average user, if you have the budget to purchase backup batteries it is recommended, but if you are happy to wait for you batteries to charge then the standard one supplied will do you just fine.

Remote Control

The remote control is used to send the commands you require the drone to complete, depending on the level of drone you have purchased, these commands can be very complex or can be very basic. The standard configuration of a drone controller consists of two joysticks which control the amount of thrust and the turning angle. When it comes to higher budget drones, there are controls which can help move the drone and the camera separately.

Many drones which are sold often can be used with different controllers than the ones provided, this is known as tethering and it gives the ability of using a controller which you are familiar with. Alongside this, there are many apps for iOS and Android devices which can control the drone, as they use their own WiFi hotspot to connect to the mobile device. Using the thumb sticks will allow you to control the drone’s flight manually, the left stick controls both the lift and the rotation, whilst the right stick controls the horizontal movement.

Of course the main question many people ask when it comes to remote controls for drones is the range which can be reached. Many of the drones and transmitters which are available on the market can reach a range of anywhere from a few hundred feet to up to a mile away. Unlike many RC helicopters, the drones which are currently for sale do not require a constant control of the thrust with the left thumb stick.


How Much Does A Drone Cost?

Depending on what you are looking for when purchasing a drone it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. This means that you have total control when it comes to your budget. With the lowest budget ones available from $10 and the high end models going well passed $1000, it is safe to say that you can spend as much or as little as you want.

When it comes to purchasing a drone you really do get what you pay for, if you are looking for a 4K resolution then you should be expecting to pay beyond $1000. With the higher end drones, you do get a ton of added features, these are drones which are typically used by professional videographers who want to get angles which would otherwise be unachievable with conventional equipment.

Purchasing with a lower budget you should expect to find drones which may or may not have a camera, those that do will not be of HD quality. The build of these drones are of a low quality but they are ideal for anyone who is looking to get started at drone flying as a hobby. These lower budget drones are ideal as gifts for kids, as they are cheap and if they are broken you won’t have made a large investment.

Where To Buy Drones

Of course many people have come to the decision that they would like to purchase a drone, but there are different types of buyers. If you are easy going and are happy to see the product once it has been delivered then there is a huge amount of places online which will deliver right to your front door.

The biggest online retailer out there currently is Amazon, with their outstanding customer service and quality packaging you can be sure that your drone will arrive to you completely unharmed. They also offer an overnight delivery service with their Amazon Prime option which is a little over $80 a year. This is the place to purchase if you know exactly what you want and would like to receive it quickly.

The next place you can purchase your drone from is any large electronics retailer, this way you can get to see the drone out of the box if you require and you can see exactly what you are paying for. Not to mention you can speak to the staff in these stores and they can advise you on what drone they think is a best fit for you. Talking with the staff you will also find out what accessories are available for the drone amazon and whether or not they think that you would be worthwhile purchasing them. Somewhere which sells these for example is best buy drones.

What Is The Best Drone?

There is no single best drone available on the market today, to look at what is considered the best drone for beginners depends on your requirements. If you are looking for a drone to help you get started then you should be looking around the $50-$100 mark, this should be enough to get you a drone with camera for sale, which will allow for you to record some of your flight. It will also give you an insight into what is available and may lead to you purchasing a higher end drone.

If you are looking for a drone to race then you should consider something which is lightweight and with a fairly long flight time. This will allow you to keep in the air longer whilst in a race and the lightweight will help you to reduce the power needed to keep sustained flight. The main problem with these lightweight drones is that in windy conditions it can cause a whole number of problems, however these drones will be ideal for both speed and maneuverability.

When it comes to using drones for professional videography, you can be looking at well over $1000, but you will receive a high quality and stable drone which will give 4K drone resolution images and video. These drones use more than just 4 propellers which give a more stable image when using the camera, not to mention that the camera’s on these high end models use gimbals to help give an even more stable image.


After looking through a whole range of drones, we feel that you should definitely be purchasing one. Depending on your requirements, skill level and experiences it can be difficult to know which drone would be the ideal choice for you.

Why Should You Buy A Drone With A Camera?

If you are looking to use your drone for aerial photography and to capture some great video shots, then a drone is ideal for you. With the high end cameras available on the top drones in the market being able to produce up to 4K resolutions, it really is down to your requirements. If you are an amateur photographer or are looking to take up drone flight as a hobby, then a camera drone is ideal for you.

With the ability to use VR headsets on many models, you can get the perfect FPV experience, tie this with the high resolution available on the cameras and you have the makings of a great drone experience. Many photographers use these camera drones for aerial drone photography, which allows them to capture image and video which they would be unable get with conventional camera equipment.

Flying drones with cameras is one of the most fun ways to experience their full potential, tie that in with the use of FPV through VR and you have a great overall flight experience which can be enjoyed over and over again.

 What Is The Best Drone For Kids?

There are many reasons why you should buy toy drones for your kids, the main one being that you can get some inexpensive drones which still pack a lot of features. The kid friendly drones are built to withstand a lot of abuse, mainly crashes and scrapes which are most likely to happen whilst your child is flying. Often these are little drones which can be flown indoors safely without causing any damage to the environment around them or to the drone itself. Cheap Drones would be the most ideal choice if you are purchasing for a child as it can easily be replaced if broken.

If you are looking to take them outside then you would be best considering a heavier model, one which isn’t easily blown of course, as these drones should be easy to control if they are going to be used by children. Drones are a fun activity for all the family and if you have the budget you could all purchase one each and take them out flying as a family activity.

Of course you want these drones to last a long time even if they do take bumps and scrapes down the road. Having short flight times can be a restriction for these drones, so it is important to have a few spare batteries which will help keep your drones in the air longer and keep the kids entertained for longer. Drones make a great hobby and one that should be considered, especially when you are purchasing for kids as it will help with their reflexes and they can expand their knowledge in the field of drones.

Best Drones With Cameras

DJI Mavic Pro


The Mavic Pro is a new competitively priced camera drone from DJI that costs $999 from Amazon.com. It is the smallest camera drone DJI make and it can fold down to a compact size that makes it easy to carry around with you. Don’t let its size fool you however as it is also one of their most sophisticated camera drones to date. It can also fly for a few minutes longer than most of the drones on the market at the moment allowing you to squeeze some extra use out of it in between charging the battery.

The controller is compact too and needs to be attached to a phone or tablet where you then use the free DJI GO app to control the camera features. These allow you to have control over every aspect of the camera as if you were physically using it yourself and the tutorials on the app give you everything you need to know about flying the drone. You don’t even need the controller as you can use just a phone so long as you have wi-fi and the app. As well as this some of the features it packs such as the Flight Autonomy system make it precise to control and intelligent enough to avoid obstacles, making it harder to damage than drones without this tech. However this is dependent on the obstacles being directly beneath or in front of it as this is where the sensors are located so don’t expect it to be protected from anything behind or to the side of it. As well as this the ability for it to remember where it took off from and where it is currently by connecting to several different satellites means you can rest easy knowing that it will be easy to get back after its flight. It also uses this technology to return to home if you lose connectivity and will actively avoid obstacles it comes across on its route.


The DJI Mavic Pro boasts a battery that allows for 27 minutes of flight time which outstrips most other competitors. Bear in mind that this was tested in optimal lab conditions so this might not be an accurate estimate for general outdoors flying but for a rough guideline that’s an impressive amount of time. With actual use, others have said it has a little over 20 minutes of flight time which is still good. The battery takes about 50 minutes to an hour to charge meaning that it is ready to go again quickly. As well as this the footage taken on said flight will be smooth thanks to the 3 axis stabilization system that will ensure the camera is not shaken about during the flight which will help keep the quality of your film high. The 4K quality video resolution that runs at 30FPS is impressive and 12MP isn’t bad either allowing you to have great looking footage.

The new OcuSync transmission system gives the Mavic Pro a 4.3-mile range and video streaming of up to 1080p HD quality which is excellent for a drone of this price. However, the 4.3-mile range is not going to be much use in the UK where the law dictates that you are not allowed to fly a drone out of visual range, but with range like this, you know that you can use it fully within those limits. The drone also boasts a sports mode that means it can fly at a speed of 40mph, allowing for some quick moving footage. The only drawback of this mode is that obstacle collision is disabled so don’t expect it to save you from hitting something at that speed.


· 27 minutes of flight time (in optimal conditions) is quite long for the current market
· 40mph top speed
· 4k quality video allows for excellent looking footage
· The DJI GO app makes it easy to control the drone and camera
· Highly portable due to its folding design and light weight of 743g
· 4.3-mile transmission range allows for long distance flights
· Flight Autonomy system that allows it avoid obstacles and gives precise control
· Sports mode allows the drone to fly at 40mph
· £1099 price is very good for a camera drone of this quality


· You need to have a phone or tablet otherwise, you can’t use it
· Difficult to use the full extent of the drone’s range due to UK law dictating you need to keep visual contact with drones
· Vision sensors won’t protect the drone from anything to the side or back


The drone has been generally well received by the public. The portability and quick setup of the product have been praised and the biggest issue people have would appear to be with DJI’s customer support which has been described by one reviewer as ‘beyond horrible’. However, the praise is high with one customer saying that it is ‘the best drone [they] have ever owned’ and another saying that ‘no one out there comes even close in size quality and capability’.


The DJI Mavic Pro is packed with impressive features for a drone that only costs £1099. The Flight Autonomy makes it easy to control and helps keep it safe whilst the 20 minutes plus battery life and 4.3-mile range allow you to send it on long trips provided that you can still see where it is due to the law. The stabilization system and 4k video quality work hand in hand to ensure that your footage comes out looking crisp and smooth, giving it a professional quality at a low price. The location of the vision sensors doesn’t protect your drone from all sides but when you consider that this and regulations (which naturally apply to every drone) are the biggest drawbacks you aren’t looking at many problems, meaning that this is a very impressive little drone.

DJI Phantom 3 with 4k recording stabilization.


The DJI Phantom is one of the best-selling drones for consumers. When we take a look to the Phantom 3, it looks quite similar to the rest of the Phantom drone series. But looking closer we will see there is a significant difference. The Phantom 3 is many years ahead of his previous versions. The motors have been upgraded and there is a new optical sensor, which will help to stabilize the Phantom 3 in a completely new way. For this price, this quadcopter is the most stable in its range.
There are three (3) different types of the DJI Phantom 3:
– Standard;
– Professional;
– And Advanced.
Below I will explain more about the different features.


The DJI Phantom 3 has amazing new Stabilizing Sensors. Even when you are flying in places where the drone is not able to receive GPS, the sonar-type sensors will provide the essential data so that the Drone can stay in an accurate spot. This gives you the opportunity to not only fly in the outdoors but experiment with flying at indoor locations as well, for example, an indoor motocross event.

The Phantom 3 has also a more developed Global Positioning System (GPS). Whereas previous models only had access to specific satellites, the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional gives you access to two different positioning networks: the US Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS). This feature will help the pilots of the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional to find their aircraft at any position in the world. Unfortunately, this option is unavailable for the owners of the Phantom 3 Standard.

Lightbridge is another revolutionary feature that gives owners of the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional the opportunity to transmit their High Definition videos (HD and 4k) from over a mile away to the remote or monitor where the drone is connected to. The Lightbridge connection will give a more reliable video connection and control signal. With this, you might get more into Broadcasting Live events, like sports or concerts.

DJI have been working on the motors as well to make them more efficient. The new motors are using less battery, which gives you the ability to have longer flights. The first generation of the DJI Phantom could only stay in the air for around 15-20 minutes, whereas the Phantom 3 can do 20-25 minutes. You would think 5 minutes is not a major difference, but this gives you 25% more time to fly and be creative.

To make even more of your time in the air recording, you can consider getting an extra battery. This will double your time. If being airborne for a longer period of time, the Phantom 3 Advanced or Professional would be the best if you are considering buying one. DJI has developed a 100W Battery Charger that will charge the batteries in a very quick time. There is a difference between charging times but in approx. 1 hour the batteries are fully charged and you are ready to go!

Last but not least is the redesigned camera that the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional offers. The Advanced version has the 1080p camera and the Professional comes even with a leading 4k camera. As technology is developing, the new 4k camera is more future proof than the 1080p. Another difference is noticeable if we compare the photo’s both cameras shoot. The developed 4k camera has new advanced optics and stays away from the popular Fish eye camera’s other drones offer. It is a fact that photo’s, taken with a Fish Eye lens, needs a lot more processing. Shooting photos and recording videos with the 4k lens will save time so that you can publish your work directly on Social Media.

If you are a company/individual and want to expand your services with providing high-quality videos for your customers, the Ultra Camera Stability on the Phantom 3 gives you the opportunity to do this.


– Easy to use
– Enhanced stability
– Excellent photo and video quality (4k for the Professional version)
– Super Charger (only Advanced and Professional)


– Battery life (still 25% more than previous models)
– The design could really benefit from receiving an upgrade.


Overall the DJI Phantom 3 has great reviews from both amateur and professional. If you are a beginner in flying drones, this kit is amazing to start with they say. It is easy to setup and easy to use.
There are also a few negative reviews on this model, but those are based on the fact they have been using old firmware. After updating the bugs and errors didn’t occur.


As said before, the DJI Phantom 3 is one of the best drones on the consumer market. Customers cannot really make a bad choice. But choosing the right version for you is important to consider the before purchasing. Everyone has different reasons to use the Phantom 3 drone.

The new stabilizing sensors are definitely a great feature on all the Phantom 3 versions. When you are a beginner in flying drones, this technology gives you more sense of security.

If you are into aerial photography or videography, the Phantom 3 Professional gives you definitely all the features you need. You can shoot in 4k, charge your batteries in no time with the supercharger (100w) and even go Live with the new Lightbridge option that transmits data over miles to the remote.

An issue is, of course, the battery life. It is still really short and you need to invest in the expensive Phantom batteries to extend your airborne time.

Parrot Bebop 2


The Parrot Bebop 2 is a reasonably cheap drones with camera that costs $439.99 when bought from the official Parrot drone website. Its lightweight design makes it pretty easy to carry around at 500g. It also has a good battery life that allows it to fly for a little while longer than many other camera drones on the market. Its full HD video capture allows you to take to get high-quality footage and its maneuverability makes it easy to control whilst getting this footage too.

It has a simple control setup that allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to control it with intuitive touch controls via the Free flight Pro app made by Parrot themselves. If you do not want to use one of these you can buy the Parrot Sky controller 2 instead. Parrot sells an FPV pack that comes with the drone, the Sky controller 2 and Cockpit glasses, which are a pair of VR goggles allowing for the first person flying, which retails at $599.99 on their website. It’s a hefty price addition but might be a better choice if you prefer a more tactile way of controlling the drone.


The Bebop 2 features a 2100 mAh battery that allows for 25 minutes of flight time, a bit more compared to other drones retailing at around this price point, meaning that you can record quite a lot of footage in one go. It packs a wide-angle fisheye lens and allows you to take 180-degree shots both vertically and horizontally. The 1080 full HD filming, 14MP camera and option to use the RAW format are enough to provide good quality footage but with only 8GB of internal storage and no option for external storage you run out of the room quickly. The fisheye lens works by letting you change where you are focusing on its view instead of having a gimbal like most camera drones. It’s also quite fast in the sky, with its aerodynamic design helping it to reach speeds of 37.28mph horizontally and 13.05mph vertically, allowing you to quickly get it where you want it to go although it does take 14 seconds to reach a top speed which is still great for moving it during videos.

This drone relies heavily on the FreeFlight Pro app which is used to control it. This app is dedicated to helping you make the most out of flying your drone. If you’re a fan of virtual reality this interface was specifically designed to work with the FPV drone goggles that allow you to see exactly what your drone is seeing as if you were there. You can also purchase extra features within the app. Flight Plan allows you to create flight plans that your drone will carry out on its own. You are able to control several aspects of the flight such as the speed of the drone and its altitude, allowing you to have your own customized route without having to fly the drone personally. There is also a feature called Follow Me that uses visual recognition and the GPS built-in to your smartphone to follow you independently, allowing you to film yourself doing activities. These extras will set you back £19.99 which is expensive for an in-app purchase and leaves some great features locked behind a paywall instead of just providing them with the product. However, when you consider the possibilities this purchase unlocks for more complex projects this is a pretty good deal and the drone is still good without these.


· Lightweight design means it’s reasonably portable
· Wide angle lens allows for 180-degree shots and good results in any light condition
· Fast flying speeds
· 25-minute battery life is very good
· Good specs for a drone costing less than $500


· In-app purchases required to unlock certain features and therefore the drone’s full potential
· The connectivity quality between the drone and both the app and controller is not good
· Only 8GB of internal storage means that you run out of room fast
· There is no removable storage


This is where the Parrot Bebop 2 becomes unstuck. Many customers have complained of connectivity issues between the drone and the app (or controller) that leave the drone stranded hovering in mid-air or in some cases carry on its course and crash. The drone is designed to return home but one customer reported this feature not actually working which is a key flaw as this could leave the drone stranded anywhere until it runs out of battery. Others have complained about the ‘very poor quality camera’ and images of ‘the worst quality’ that according to them do not match up with the beautiful promotional shots provided by Parrot themselves.

Some people, however, have found the drone to be great, praising the stabilization of the drone that allows it to stay steady in high winds. One customer said they were ‘thrilled with the quality’ and another said it is ‘a great drone for anyone new or old to RC flying’.


The Parrot Bebop 2 has very good specifications for the price but has a few drawbacks that stop it from being a great product. It is let down by a low internal storage and no options to add to it as well as poor connectivity between the drone and your chosen controller. The poor connectivity is a big issue as it affects the entire performance of the drone, potentially leaving it stranded in mid-air with no way to get it down until the battery runs out and it falls. The apparent inconsistency in picture quality is also an issue. However, not all customers have experienced these suggesting that whilst it is something to bear in mind these are not problems that every customer will have.

However, for $439.99 this has some great specifications and for another $19.99 gives you very useful additional features and could be a good starting point if you’ve never owned a drone before.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter


The 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter, on the outside, looks like your standard run of the mill quadcopter, but looks can be deceiving. Within this rather standard looking drone is contained several features far less common in standard consumer drones. One of the more impressive features included is the ability to control the camera separately to the drone, which allows for far more versatile photographic opportunities for the amateur and professional alike. Another unusual feature is the drones ability to run “Smart Shot” software, which allows for panoramic shots and video clips to be taken perfectly with just the push of a button.

Because of these features, a whole new range of potential uses for this drone are opened up, with the potential for it to be used in amateur or professional photography, as well as the possibility for it to be used in professional filming, as it offers the opportunity to attain camera angles not previously possible with drones available on the consumer market.

Included with the drone is an impressive toolkit, which includes many items (such as a tripod, automatic crane, dolly, jib, and boom) that make it easier to get a feature-film quality video at just a fraction of the price of a Hollywood camera crew. With many other drone models, these tools would not come as standard but would need additional purchases.


The 3DR Solo Quadcopter runs with a standard, easily available, Go-Pro camera (not included). This makes the drone incredibly easy for anyone to set up, and also lends itself to several different filming methods, including live streaming the feed from the camera back to a computer or phone. As well as this, the 3DR Quadcopter is the only drone on the consumer market that offers the ability to control the camera separately to the Quadcopter, with the addition of a 3DR Gimbal (not included).

The Quadcopter also offers a variety of filming features courtesy of it’s inbuilt Linux operating system. One such feature is the “Smart Shot” feature, which allows the user to capture sweeping panoramic images and videos with as little as the push of a button. This, combined with the ability to operate the camera separately from the quadcopter, allows for many new and potentially exciting methods of catching both stills and video previously impossible with market drones.

The quadcopter’s operating system also includes a number of inbuilt safety features, which allow for landing the drone safely with a single button press, making it less likely for the drone or it’s camera to be damaged whilst in use. As well as this, these inbuilt safety features mean that the drone is less likely to cause injury to the operator or anyone else in the vicinity.

The Quadcopter also offers connectivity to an app on the operator’s phone, allowing for the feed from the camera to be viewed and captured as it happens, eliminating the worry of not knowing how the photos are going to turn out until the drone is back on the ground. As well as this, the built in GPS system in the drone gets rid of the need for a second person to operate the camera, meaning that, if used for professional filmmaking, the costs of the operating crew are potentially halved.


• The lightweight drone makes for easy control whilst operating.
• Inbuilt safety controls allow for reduced risk of crashing whilst operating the drone.
• Only market drone to offer the ability to operate the camera separately from the quadcopter.
• The inbuilt operating system offers a whole new range of potential ways to use the camera.
• The GPS system built into the drone allows for it to hold it’s position steadily, eradicating the need for a second operator to control the gimbal and camera while using the drone to film videos.


• Drone is not supplied with a camera.
• In order to be able to utilize some of the more unusual features of the drone, additional purchases must be made.
• According to several customer reviews, the app connectivity is shaky at best, meaning that it is easy to lose control of the camera and/or the drone, which, despite the safety features, increases risk to the operator and others around them.


The product has received largely positive reviews from users online, with one user stating that “This drone is very easy to fly and was handled by my son who has never flown a remote controlled aircraft before with ease.” Another user claims that “coupled with a GoPro 4 and gimbal (the 3DR Solo Quadcopter) will enable you to get into some serious aerial photography.”


The 3DR Solo Quadcopter offers some fantastic features, many not yet seen on other commercial level drones. It is easy and intuitive to fly, with several inbuilt safety features that make it even easier and safer to use, making the quadcopter an excellent choice for both people looking for an introduction into the world of using drones and established drone users alike. Despite this, however, the Solo Drone Quadcopter is not without fault, as the shaky app connectivity can make it difficult to calibrate properly, and also make it possible to lose control of the camera and gimbal, which could potentially ruin what would be a perfect photo.

However, in this day and age, as technology rapidly advances and offers us updates to the apps almost daily, there is a high chance that this will be fixed in the very near future. As well as this, although the drone itself seems to be reasonably priced, in order to unlock its full potential, other purchases have to be made, which can potentially drive the price from that of a mid-range drone (as it stands now) to a far more expensive top-of-the range drone. Despite this, even at this higher price, the drones offers features not found anywhere else on the market, and as a result incredible value for money.

XK X252 5.8G FPV 7CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Drone Quadcopter RTF 1804 Brushless Motor, with 720P Camera -Black


The Gyro rc drone with camera offers the best in stunt drone technology. It is equipped with four 1804 Brushless Motors, which allow it to perform high-speed stunts easily and with a minimum risk to the operator and equipment onboard the drone. This, along with the built-in drone camera, allows for a hair-raising videos to be captured with relative ease. This means that the drone has potential applications in filmmaking, as, coupled with its high speed of 20 m/s, it will be able to follow and film even the most intense of chase scenes. It also has a potential application in sports as it would be able to follow race events such as horse races, greyhound races etc.

As well as this, the easy to learn controls of the Gyro drone means that it is suitable for absolute beginners. This combined with the robust constructions means that even the least experienced pilot will be able to pick up the controls relatively easily, meaning that it is a great starter drone for people wanting to get into flying. The relatively low cost of the drone also means that it is perfect for those who have never flown before, as it is not too much of an investment.


The Axis Gyro Drone comes equipped with four 1804 brushless motors. These motors are built specifically with stunt flying in mind. This allows the drone to perform stunts that would cause most normal motors to fail under the strain. As well as this, the motors allow for the drone to reach speeds of up to 20 m/s, which enables for it to be used to capture high-speed chase footage. Alongside this, the drone is also able to turn on six axes, opening up opportunities for all sorts of acrobatic flying, including flying upside down thanks to the 6G technology included in the operating system.

The drone also comes with a built-in wide-angle camera, which records straight onto an onboard SD card. This provides the operator with the ability to capture the stunts that they are piloting for future viewing. The camera also streams back to a screen attached to the controller, meaning that the operator is able to see what he’s filming. The controller also has record buttons and so offers the ability to start and stop recording at will.

The Gyro Drone also comes with built-in LED lights in each motor, which allows for the drone to be flown at night safely with minimal risk of loss or injury. The drone also has two forward facing lights, which allow for the camera to still capture video whilst flying at night.


• Four Brushless motors allow for incredibly acrobatic flying.
• 140-degree wide angle camera means that breathtaking shots can be achieved easily.
• 6G inverted fly allows for the drone to be piloted just as easily upside down as upright.
• Easy to control
• Suitable for both first time and advanced flyers.
• Incredibly affordable price.
• 300m Control Distance
• Top speed of 20 m/s
• Easy to shoot videos with just the push of a button on the controller.
• Built in SD card allows for easy storage of captured footage.
• Built in LED lights allow for safe night flying.


• 12 minute flight time compared to up to an 80 minute charge time.
• Batteries not included in the package, so have to be purchased separately at an additional cost.
• Not suitable for filming still-platform images due to the fact the camera is mounted on the front and the drone would need to be moving to capture anything below it.


The Gyro Drone has received rave reviews across the board, with users praising its speed and agility, as well as it’s incredible control range. Other users have also praised how bright the built-in LEDS are. One user said that they found it incredibly responsive to the controls, stating that “It reacts very directly to commands with the remote control.”


In conclusion, this drone is an incredibly good drone for those wanting to begin flying drones. It’s high speed and very reactive controls mean that it would be great practice for those who eventually want to start flying more advanced drones. As well as this, the lower price means that it is not too much of an investment if the buyer finds they don’t get along with it.

As well this, the high speeds and responsive controls of the drone allows for many impressive stunts that would not be possible with lesser drones. This, coupled with the built-in camera leads to the possibility to capture high-speed chase videos as well as breathtaking stunts that would be impossible to capture with most aircraft.

The drawback to this drone, however, is the fact that it has an incredibly short battery life, and takes a relatively long time to charge. This means that the operator would have to plan carefully what they wanted to capture, otherwise, they can find themselves with a flat battery and a crashed drone. The robust construction of the drone, however, means that it will be able to stand up to a few crashes, and so a flat battery is not likely to cause it any lasting damage.

All in all, the Gyro drone is a perfect drone for a complete novice to the world of drone flying, but will also be able to be utilized by those who fly camera drones for a living, making it an incredible all round drone for both filming and performing stunts.

Best Drones For Kids

Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone With Camera RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter



The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a drone specifically aimed at children and giving them the ability to fly a drone, whilst making it considerably easier than it would be with a standard model drone. In order for it to do this, the Predator incorporates several features that make it incredibly easy for people to get the hang of, which makes it an ideal drone for children. One feature is the “Headless Mode” which orientates the flight pattern of the drone around the controller, meaning that the drone is less likely to fly off and will always return to the operator when possible. This makes it an ideal drone for training beginners on.


The most notable feature of the HS170 Predator is the “Headless Mode”. This is a mode that orientates the flight of the drone around the location of the remote control. This means that it is far more difficult to lose control of the drone, and as a result is perfect for helping to raise a child’s confidence if is their first time flying a drone.

Another feature of the drone is that it is built specifically to withstand wind resistance. This means that it is easier to keep stable while flying outside. This once again would help to raise a child’s confidence as it means there would be less chance of the drone crashing, and knocking their faith in their own ability. This sturdy build also means that it is less likely to be damaged in the crash, which means that inexperienced flyers can crash it more than once and still be able to get it back in the air and flying again with relative ease.

The Predator features bright LED lights on the underside of the drone. This means that it is easy to identify to the pilot, and also can help them to identify the front and the back of the drone so that they can plan their flight easily by making use of this information.

The frequency that the Predator runs on is specifically designed to resist interference. This is great for a starter drone as it means that the controls will be more reliable, and the drone is far less likely to make any sudden erratic or unpredictable movements.

The drone also features a shorter control range at between 30-50 meters. This makes it perfect for beginners as it means that the drone can’t get too far away from the operator, meaning that it reduces the risk of injuring a member of the public.


• The easy control means that even the youngest of beginners would be able to develop the necessary skills before moving on to more complex and expensive models of drone.
• Low price means that it’s not too much of an investment if the child then decides that drones aren’t for them.
• “Headless Mode” allows for the feeling of full control over the drone, even though it keeps itself orientated the controller.
• Runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency specially adapted for anti-interference.
• Sturdy build means that the drone is less likely to be taken by strong winds, and as a result less likely to crash and knock confidence.
• The Predator weighs less than .5ibs, and as a result requires no license to be able to fly it in an open space.
• Three different modes for both beginner and advanced flyers.
• Shorter (30-50 meter) control range ideal for first-time flyers.
• LED lights on the underside of the drone allow for easy identification.


• The drone only possesses a flight time of 6-8 minutes, compared to a charge time of 60-80 minutes. This means that the drone is liable to run out of battery very quickly, which might disappoint a small child who would then have to wait at least an hour to be able to fly the drone again.
• The Motors and Circuit boards are liable to overheat, and as a result, at least a 10 minute cool down period between flights is recommended.


The Holy Stone Predator has received somewhat mixed reviews online, many customers really like the product and praise for its simplicity of design and ease of control, one reviewer states that “A ton of fun for everyone. This quad handles amazingly.” However, for all the positive reviews there are just as many negative ones, with one customer stating that “The drone is difficult to control unless you’re in a wide-open field. It does not hover.”


The Predator is very much a drone aimed at beginner level pilots and holds many features to make it easier for them to get the hang of flying. However, despite this, the drone is a great all-around flier, and would also be great for the more serious flyer looking to have a bit of fun with a new drone. It’s tough to build and inexpensive nature makes for a great drone to try out new stunts or flight ideas with.

Despite this, however, the drone does have its faults, with the main one being the incredibly short battery life. This will limit the learning ability of any new pilots as, just by the time they get the hang of it, they’ll have to land the drone for charging again. This also means that any experience they gain in these short flights has the potential to be forgotten in the hour between flight. This being said, however, if the learner is patient and willing to deconstruct their previous flight in between times, the Predator would be the perfect learning tool to help them improve their flying skills.

EACHINE E010 Best Mini Drone UFO Quadcopter with Camera and a 6-Axis Flight Control System and 360 Degree Rolling System with impressive 3D rolling effects


The E010 from Eachine is an impressive nano drone Quadcopter that is based on 2.4GHZ remote control technology. It boasts some very cool rolling special effects and LED lighting that will be turning heads no matter where you take it. The E010 comes in two striking colors, green and red. It’s sleek and robust design make it easy to carry and transport wherever your journey takes you. Eachine has done a tremendous job of designing such a powerful, stylish and low profile drone that has an attractive price point making it easily accessible to newbies and professional users who want to have a bit of fun. With its easy handling and handy lightweight controller, you will be flying the E010 inside or outside the house in a matter of minutes.

With Compass Mode and One Key Return make it really easy and fun to steer and get out of trouble if you steer off course. The E010 is targeted at age 14 and upwards but can be used by younger people under adult supervision. The One Key Return feature makes it very easy to undo any hiccups, making it safer for younger users. With it being a very small drone with camera, it is easier to handle if you do not have much experience in flying such aircraft. If you are looking at investing in a much larger aircraft you will be able to learn the basics, play around with its impressive effects and take advantage of its remarkable power.


The Eachine E010 Quadcopter drone boasts some impressive features for its size and price point making it arguably the best starting point for new Droners. The coolest features have to be it’s handling and 3D rolling effects that will really impress your friends. The LED lights make it stand out and gives off a very impressive glow. It comes with a high and low-speed setting making it easier to get used to if you have never flown a drone before. It also has Compass Mode where the drone changes flight direction based on the direction you are steering the controller. This makes it very fun and extremely realistic. With one key course reversal, the aircraft will come back to you if you steer off track. This is extremely beneficial if you want to undo a particular move or direction change. This also adds to the safety factor of the aircraft making it safer to use. The flying time you get is around 5 minutes and takes around 30-50 minutes to charge. This means you will not be away from the fun for long. Probably the best thing about the E010 is the fact is that spare parts are easily accessible making it easily repairable and highly upgradable. This is a great feature in its own right just in case the unfortunate happens. This saves you from having to buy a whole new unit. The E010 is easily configured by following very simple steps making it easy to use out of the box. This striking Quadcopter comes with 3 lithium ion batteries for instant use so you can get started right out of the box. In the box, you get the transmitter, USB charging cable, instruction manual and 4x propellers.


• Lightweight
• Portable
• Affordable drones
• Impressive Special Effects
• Low & High-Speed options
• Repairability
• Upgradability


• 4-5 Minute Flight time
• Sensitive Controls
• Colour restrictions
• Fiddly to change batteries.


The customer testimonials are mainly very positive indeed with many customers praising the E010 handling, size, and family fun factor. Some have mentioned that it takes a little getting used to but is easily picked up once you get the hang of it. The battery changing process seems to get customers a bit rowdy but once you have successfully changed them it gets easier. Buyers praise its low profile and upgradability. People love the fact that spare parts are easily available if anything was to go wrong and are easily applied. Even more, experienced users are praising its performance and are saying they did not expect it to perform as well as it does inside and outside the house. Customers are recommending buyers purchase extra batteries to ensure longer flying times. With buyers speaking very highly of this aircraft, it’s sure to be a fantastic addition to your collection or the perfect first quadcopter.

“Small but robust making it lots of fun for my young son”

“Despite flying drones of a much higher tier, I am really impressed by its handling, power, and special effects. It’s LED Lights looks fantastic and WOW everybody”

“Fun, small and proven to keep you entertained for hours. I would recommend buying some extra batteries. If you use the E010 a lot you will find yourself charging them continuously.

“I love flying the E010 in the dark, it looks really cool and the brightness of the LED lighting is second to none. A real pleasure to handle and take around with me where ever I go.


In conclusion, this stunning piece of kit that is the EACHINE E010 sits proudly in the list of affordable, fun and powerful Quadcopters. Its small form factor makes it perfect for a first time flying experience and also lots of fun for people that are already flying much more powerful devices. A great all round pleaser with fantastic effects, exceptional handling and an attractive price point for beginners. It’s quick charging doesn’t take you away from your fun for too long. With Compass Mode and One Key Return, this little pocket of fun will have you entertained for hours. All ages will be able to enjoy this drone with confidence in its build and design.

The Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 with 2.4GHz Controlling and HD Wifi Camera and 0.3 Megapixel Image Sensor


The question is why to choose the Cheerwing Syma over other powerful drones such as Holy Stone or DJI. Everything about this Quadcopter makes it a very wise choice for professionals and beginners alike. Everything that comes from Syma is very easy to use and set up and has a very high quality. They certainly value attention to detail. The mid-range Cheerwing Syma X5SW-V3 is an extremely high-quality Quadcopter Drone with 6 Axis, headless/IOC functioning, WIFI FPV and a lovely high definition camera. This fantastic aircraft lets you control the device whilst enjoying images and videos of its flight path. The Cheerwing Syma also has impressive blade protection mechanisms in place which help to protect the blades from bumps, crashes, and collisions with objects and land. The controller that comes with the Syma is very impressive and has a built in LCD displayer making it even easier to navigate and view photos and videos. These photos and videos can even be watched in real time where ever you choose to go. You can easily keep track of your aircraft at night with its highly attractive colorful flashing lights. The products size is 31.5cm by 31.5cm and weighs 1.4 pounds. The overall design of the Syma is very attractive and looks like it could cost a lot more than it does. It’s sure to scare a few pigeons off and that’s for certain.


The Cheerwing Syma x5SW boasts four brushless engines which power the aircraft for immense performance with little risk of overheating. The aircraft is powered by a 3.7V Lithium-Polymer battery which can hold the drone up in the air for up to 8 minutes at one given time. The flight time is dependant on how you are using it. If your using the high definition camera or have the fan guards attached you may experience shorter flying distances and flight times. The Quadcopter has a tidy 0.3-megapixel imaging sensor that boasts real-time technology making enabling you to see everything from a birds view. The Cheerwing Syma is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms making it accessible to almost everybody. Its design is very striking and displays immense lighting in the darkness. Just be careful you do not get mistaken as a UFO. Headless mode makes it easier to fly backward and avoid any interesting situations mid-flight. The range in which the large controller will give you is around 50 meters. The Cheerwing Syma also performs some interesting 3D rolls and turns making it fun and a joy to fly. The 6-axis gyro makes the flight experience a lot more pleasant making it more stable in flight. The charging time is around 40-45 minutes allowing you get back into air quicker and spend less time charging the battery.


• Handling
• Photo & Video in real-time
• Affordable
• Reparability
• Design
• Blade Protection
• 6 Axis


• Short flight times when shooting photos or video
• The blade protection affecting the total flight time
• Hard to recover if flown out of range
• Range
• Image Quality
• Bendable Blades


The customer testimonials are extremely positive with buyers praising the aircraft’s size, handling and impressive real-time photo and video processing. A couple of points that users of the Cheerwing Syma made were its short distance range which sometimes can be frustrating. If you keep the aircraft in range it performs tremendously well. Buyers are also praising it’s ease of use and connectivity to smartphones on both iOS and Android platforms.

“Negatives first, this device is really easy to get stuck in a tree or bush when using it outdoors. If you go off range you will find yourself having a lot of difficulties controlling it. Stay in range and every runs as it should.”

“My husband and I talked about getting a drone a long time and decided based on the reviews to get the Cheerwing Syma. Although, as first time buyers we did have a hard time getting used to the controller as it does appear a little intimidating when you first see it. Once you get the hang of the controls and the Photo and Video capturing it is a breeze. Flight time and distance could be a lot better but for a mid-range drone this fits the job perfectly.”

“The great thing is if you do have an issue with a burned out motor they are very cheap and simple to replace. Controls are good once you are in flight and have practiced a few times in a controller space. Practice before taking it out into the real world or run the risk of getting it stuck in a tree!”


In conclusion, the Cheerwing Syma X5SW is an extremely powerful quadcopter with a lot of positives and interesting features. Despite its mid-range pricing, the aircraft performs really well and is spoke very highly of by its users. First-time buyers can be confident in picking one of these devices up knowing that it’s robust, repairable and highly entertaining. Shoot lovely video footage or even take a few photos with its onboard 0.3-megapixel camera of your chosen flight path. This makes that little trip to the park or beach even more interesting. You can fly this aircraft for up to 8 minutes and have peace of mind knowing the blade protection mechanism is on your side if the unfortunate happens. The Cheerwing Syma is an idea for pilots of all skill levels and can be easily picked up by beginners. This is a perfect mid-range aircraft for everyone. Do not underestimate this wonderful piece of kit. Happy flying!

Holy stone F181 RC Quadcopter


Holy Stone F181 is ideal for those who are looking for a budget drone to get started as a hobby. With its 720P capable camera, it is the ideal drone for anyone looking to take some aerial imagery, also able to produce 30fps drone video makes it great for the amateur videographer. The customer reviews for the camera are mixed, but for the price it is a great feature to include. Whilst this drone is competitively priced alongside its rivals (around $100), it was initially released over a year ago and it still extremely popular around the world. Because of the lightweight and durable build, it is possible to take this drone anywhere with you, meaning you can take it with you on holiday to capture some truly stunning imagery.

The F181 has certainly captured the attention of budding drone enthusiasts and even many photographers. As the frame and propellers are made from plastic, they can become prone to breaking if they are subject to extensive amounts of crashing, it is important to note that you should always keep the protecting frames around the propellers intact so that there is less damage caused to the blades if the drone was to crash.


Headless Security System

Because there is always a danger that your drone may become lost, the Holy Stone F181 weighs less than 400g, meaning it can easily become blown off a flight path in a strong wind. The headless security system on this drone means that it will never get lost, due to it preventing the drone from flying backwards or veering off its intended course.

Four Way Flip

You won’t find many entry level drones which can outweigh the F181 when it comes to the overall maneuvering, as the F181 has the ability to perform a four-way flip and can make 360 degree turns in any direction. This four-way flip ability allows the drone to roll at a constant pace and execute any given action with extreme perfection.

Dual Batteries

One of the main complaints about most drones these days is the fact that they have a very low flight time and often require backup batteries to be purchased. The guys over at Holy Stone have managed to produce the F181 with dual battery capabilities. This means that the air selfie drone can stay in the air for a longer amount of time than most of its rivals.

Replaceable Motor

Unlike many other drone suppliers, Holy Stone have thought about their users and have made it so that it is possible to detach the motor, they even supply the screwdriver to allow you to do so. Which makes the whole repair process simple and easy.

2MP Camera

Attached to the drone is a 2MP camera, which is capable of producing 720P image and video drone. This is ideal for anyone who is wanting to capture stunning aerial images.


· Affordable, those who are on a budget can still get the same fun flying a drone as everyone else.
· Average flight time and controller distance is great when considering the cost.
· Built using ABS plastic, making it very durable from low altitude crashes or falls.
· Extra battery included in the box, which is a great addition compared with other models.


· Camera doesn’t have FPV, this means that you cannot receive a live feed from the camera whilst in flight.
· Doesn’t sync up using a smartphone app, unlike other models around the same price range which offer this feature.


There are many positive reviews about the F181 drone, with many people commenting on its robustness and build quality, one amazon drone review says “The drone flies great, It is quick to respond to my control inputs and is very maneuverable. It has a great durability, as I have crashed a few times, which were rather hard and it still flies absolutely fine. It is very simple to get used to and has around 7 minutes of flight time from a 90 minute charge. The customer service of Holy Stone is great, I broke my transmitter and after a brief phone call with them, they sent me a replacement without any charge.”


In conclusion of this, we believe that the Holy Stone F181 is great for any drone hobbyist who is looking to learn more about the droning world. It has a great sleek design which is both lightweight and efficient, with a 7 minute flying time. The controls are easy to manage, so this drone makes the ideal choice for any beginner drone flyer. It is extremely durable so you can have peace of mind if you do have a crash, although it is still best to be cautious when flying around in crowded areas with objects.

Of course this drone does have some unique features which cannot be found on drones of a similar price range. With the ability to angle the rotation speeds of the blades, it is possible to achieve 4 different rotation speeds which are: 40, 60, 80 and 100mph. The headless security system which is fitted to this drone to prevent loss during strong winds or novice flying control means that you can enjoy this drone without a huge amount of input required.

Overall, the F181 is a great price for anyone, whether you are an avid photographer or are simply looking to take up drone flying as a hobby, this is the ideal drone for you.

Dbpower MJX


Being produced by the Hawkeye Company, the DBPower MJX drone was released in early 2016. When we reviewed this drone we believe that it could be a market changer, doing many things which were unseen before in the drone market. It houses a lot of great features which have been featured heavily in social media, especially as the drone costs around $80. It is uncommon to see a drone of this price contain features for VR headsets, certain remote controller features and a headless mode.

Although this drone is fairly new to the market, the sales have skyrocketed and has already overtaken sales of some of the leading drones which are available to purchase. If you are looking for a drone which requires a minimal amount of flying experience and looks the part, then you should really consider purchasing a DBPower MJX.

We are going to go over the features available on this model and what we believe are the pros and cons of this drone.


Battery Life

The main concerns that many people have when it comes to purchasing a drone is the amount of time they are able to have sustain flight. The DBPower MJX comes with a 750mAh battery which can be fully charged in just under 120 minutes, this will give a flight time of around 10 minutes. If you already own a drone you will know that one battery will not be sufficient to supply a good flight time, we would recommend purchasing 3-4 extra batteries which will increase your flight time to around 30-40 minutes.

It is important to note that the flight time will be lowered considerably if you are flying using the First Person View (FPV) and also the night mode feature as these are the main two features which drain a lot of power. To make sure you get the most amount of power and best performance from these batteries you should completely drain the battery before recharging.


The remote controls which come with the DBPower MJX drone are great, it uses a TX transmitter to send manual controls and you can also use a smartphone app to pilot the drone. The app allows for you to see the current altitude of the drone and also shows the signal strength so that you don’t take it out of range and cause a crash.

Flight Performance

Of course the main thing you are looking for in a drone is the experience you have whilst in flight. This drone is ideal for recreational flight and the performance does not disappoint. With the ability to make 360 degree turns and swing freely makes it extremely agile. It also has the ability to do 3D rolls which is a single key on the controls which makes the rolls easy to complete even for a beginner.

With a maximum flight time of around 10 minutes and maximum flight speed of 5mph you can enjoy this drone even when you are 100 meters away.


As the MJX is mainly targeted at the recreational market, it doesn’t pack much in terms of camera quality. However, it is fitted with a fixed camera which gives a medium resolution and can produce 30FPS video, the main thing being that this drone is not designed to be used for any kind of aerial imagery.

Because of this drones ability to be used with a VR headset, you can get the full experience of FPV. A key strength which is worth noting is the stability of the drone whilst flying in a calm environment, as it has a 6-axis gyro, it can shoot stable video with minimal shaking unlike in most drone videos.


· Durability is a big selling point of this drone, small bumps and scrapes will be no problem and it can sustain some pretty heavy hits.
· The camera is of a fairly good quality and the ability to use VR for a full FPV experience is definitely a great feature to have considering the price.
· The agility of this drone means you can have some great fun throwing the drone around whilst flying.


· Stability is where this drone falls down, in heavy wind conditions it is blown all over the place and can become a heavy task to control.
· When connecting to the drone either with the app or controls, it can sometimes take a while to sync which can be an issue if you are looking to have instant flight when you reach your destination.


Looking over the reviews on Amazon for this product, you can see that many people are impressed with the features available for the $80 price tag. With many reviews stating “I have never had a drone like this before, it is awesome. The drone is so lightweight I take it everywhere with me and also due to its lightweight you are not required to register it with the FAA. The drone has a Wifi camera which can be connected through either the app on your phone or your VR Headset. It took me around 70 minutes to charge the batteries up out of the box, but I was soon flying the drone and loving the experience.”


When it comes to buying your first drone, we know that you will have a set budget in mind and the DBPower MJX is definitely something you should consider when looking into your first drone. For the $80 price tag we can’t find any other drone which offers these kinds of features at these prices. With an average flight time of around 8 minutes, this drone really is good value for money.